Multi focus in relationship

When relationship comes to a stage its focus changes. Though initially it was multi focused with so many different elements and aspects that strengthen this relationship , now it has become much more single focused. Often this focus will be what both parties desire most from this relationship (atleast it may appears so) and from then the relationship drives to fulfill this particular need /focus

But then what happens when the relationship starts its journey by keeping this one particular focus in mind? Imagine a green lush tree and let us take the trunk of this tree as a relationship between two people. It has established its roots in the soil and has started growing slowly..This lush green tree is growing and glowing with so many lush branches. Isn’t it these lush branches that give identity and strength to the trunk of this tree?, Together with all these branches the tree rejoices when small breeze caresses its leaves. Now imagine one branch decided to grow by itself. It just has become one tall branch going up and up. No longer can the other branches reach it. It has become more open to sun, wind and rain and there are no other branches around it to support it. Thus it has become much more prone to dangers such as strong wind or lightening, which may affect the existence of the whole tree one day.

It seems most relationship fails once it loses its multi focus. Is it not better to be a trunk of a nice lush green tree where all the branches are equally maintained and taken care of? It is easier to be single focused in a relationship, but like anything else it requires ongoing effort and hard work to maintain a relationship where all branches grow strongly and in balance and thus support and strengthen the relationship and people around it.



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