5 Friends, 5 life implications

Once up on a time ,

5 Friends,  5 life implications and lessons I  learned :):)

1.    Dictionary friend : This friend taught me that words don’t mean  exactly what they do  in the dictionary.. Often my own interpretation and the way I see things  , can give much more unnecessary meaning to the words that is been spoken ,thus may  give me a picture far from reality  (and I was a fool  🙂 )

2.     Fevicol glue friend : This friend proved that , no matter how strong the bond is , if there is no effort in maintaining the bond, even this Fevicol bond may loose strength at some stage..( and I was in pretence )

3.  Smarty Pant friend : This friend established the universal fact that there is no point in keeping a friendship by continuing to compromise  on my part. By compromising too much I am allowing my friend to take advantage of me and thus he /she  may never realize  my actual worth…( and  I was in denial  🙂 )

4.     Ocean friend: This friend revealed that some friendships can be too deep and meaningful, like an ocean with full of hidden treasures, though it doesn’t look like this on a daily basis. We may only realize the true meaning this friend bore in our lives only once we lose this person..( and I  made a mistake 😦  )

5.   Mystery  friend: This friend confirmed that  the best way to keep a friendship is by looking at how this friend treats you and value you . It may not be a great idea to look at how this friend treat others and compare that  to see where my position is, in his / her  life. By doing so , I may bring sorrow  ( and I suffered  😦 )

“Like a flowing river “……..

Still the life continues so does the lesson ..:)


One thought on “5 Friends, 5 life implications

  1. Nice topics and good reading – enjoyed everyone of the topics…you write well…

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