5 Friends, 5 life implications

Once up on a time ,

5 Friends,  5 life implications and lessons I  learned :):)

1.    Dictionary friend : This friend taught me that words don’t mean  exactly what they do  in the dictionary.. Often my own interpretation and the way I see things  , can give much more unnecessary meaning to the words that is been spoken ,thus may  give me a picture far from reality  (and I was a fool  🙂 )

2.     Fevicol glue friend : This friend proved that , no matter how strong the bond is , if there is no effort in maintaining the bond, even this Fevicol bond may loose strength at some stage..( and I was in pretence )

3.  Smarty Pant friend : This friend established the universal fact that there is no point in keeping a friendship by continuing to compromise  on my part. By compromising too much I am allowing my friend to take advantage of me and thus he /she  may never realize  my actual worth…( and  I was in denial  🙂 )

4.     Ocean friend: This friend revealed that some friendships can be too deep and meaningful, like an ocean with full of hidden treasures, though it doesn’t look like this on a daily basis. We may only realize the true meaning this friend bore in our lives only once we lose this person..( and I  made a mistake 😦  )

5.   Mystery  friend: This friend confirmed that  the best way to keep a friendship is by looking at how this friend treats you and value you . It may not be a great idea to look at how this friend treat others and compare that  to see where my position is, in his / her  life. By doing so , I may bring sorrow  ( and I suffered  😦 )

“Like a flowing river “……..

Still the life continues so does the lesson ..:)



 Relationships have always puzzled  me.  Most often I see them as  a form relationof control. One person tries to control the other person and tries  to mold him /her to meet his /her own needs. It is a constant battle. The expectations are endless and no one wins .

Long ago  I read that by themselves man and woman are only half a circle. They constantly seek each  other  to become a full circle. But it seems instead of becoming a perfect full  circle often people try to suck  each  other  in to his/her own half circle to fulfill his/her unmet needs and when two people do the same a battle begins and it continues.

Why it is soo difficult to accept the other person as she  or he is…Why do we expect and demand  that the other person  should be molded to meet our own needs ..Why  is  it that  our needs are endless.. I don’t know

Every time  when I experience a relationship, it makes me more conscious of my own  unfulfilled needs and the  desperate desire to fulfill my own needs and my conscious and unconscious battle to mold the other person in my own way to full fill this  . The  me within this selfish me  questions my soul and I  can see that I haven’t grown at all…

To  become  a contented and peaceful person and thus experience a  contented  and  happy relationship  still remains as a dream. May be it is a mirage. After all humans are self centered creatures and the purpose of  life may be to fulfill one’s own needs..…

who knows…

still….നിന്റെ സ്നേഹത്തിൽ നിന്നാണ് ഞാൻ സ്നേഹും എന്താണന്നു അറിയുന്നത് ,ഒപ്പം  ഞാൻ ആരെന്നും എന്തെന്നും  🙂
( still…It is from your love that i know what love is and whom and what  i am )