Universal principle of reflection

My friend told me the other day that we get what we reflect up on ..
If I reflect happiness I get happiness reflected back
If i reflect anger I get anger back
If I reflect love I get love back
If I reflect criticism I become subjected to criticism too
And If I feel ashamed of having someone , Someone else will feel ashamed of having me too 😊
And since I don’t know what to call this principle let me call it as “the universal principle of reflection” .. 😊
.. And don’t forget that we all are subjected to this universal principle of reflection 😊
Still I won’t say that we should reflect carefully … Reflect what u like but just be cautious that it will be reflected back one or the other way .. But  life moves on ..:)



Best time of my life..

Few weeks ago one of my friends from university degree days made a post. It was a photo of avalosu podi. (fried rice powder, a staple food). When she got it from her neighbor she thought about our degree hostel days and all seven of us who were part of a strong gang and the way we used to eat it. Under that post another gang mate commented it as the best time of our lives and said “ didn’t know it then”

So it seems most often we associate the best time of our lives as something that happened in the past.. As soon as the question “the best time of my life ‘popped up, my memory too went back to this college time.I should admit that it was a fabulous time with no responsibility as such but tons of great friendship, pure enjoyment and mischievousness.. A time when nothing else mattered much….

But then, how about “today”…the present day, this moment I have right now? By not seeing the precious present and what it offers today , am I heading towards another time in my life may be 20 yrs from now, just to say that 2013 was the best time in my life, but didn’t know it then?…

Kurt Vonnegut — says

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” .

So let me pretend too….like a dear friend of mine who always joyously announces he just had a deluxe dinner when in reality it is just some rice with a simple tomato salad and little meat that he prepares.

And Let us be aware of our choice to see today as the best time in our lives like a friend who says the best time of his life is every day, when it brings him lots of smiles and laughter, from simple things..

And let me pretend and say today is the best day in my life..