Life is a never ending search

Is this life an experiment…an experiment to search the unknown and to experience the unknown,, where you may fail or succeed? If everything we do an experiment and every experiment is a new experience, then, why the regret? Isn’t it senseless to wish “ I could have done that differently or to think that I was a fraud, or that I didn’t live up to the mark. We simply did our best and unless we experiment how do we know that , this would be the outcome?

It seems in our life’s laboratory we perceive something and develop a feeling on it and this sparks a reaction which leads to an action….Yes an experiment has taken place. And are we getting that pale pink liquid that we ought to in this our life’s lab when we add that alkali from the pipette into the beaker drop by drop?…well not really. Most often… comes the alkali in a rush even though we were careful and thus end up with a purple liquid in the beaker , instead of the pale pink liquid that we were hoping so much for. Nevertheless, we learned.

Should this view make us less responsible towards our action? Not really. No one does anything by completely believing that they were doing something wrong. While thinking back to a few of my actions, the lessons I learned and the decisions for the future can be seen as the best outcome from the experiments that I had done. There is no failed experiment. Every experiment was simply an eye opener to see what happens if I would do it this way..
Together with these experiments and experiences make my life worth living

Thinking of a friend who said
തോരാത്ത തിരയൽ ആകുന്നു ജന്മം ….(life is a never ending search..)
The search continues…so does the experiment…
yet, the pearls i come across in my search are priceless.



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