Three truths

Three truths that I tried to teach my child, but failed miserably..!

Three things happened..

1. That evening we saw the world news and pictures of Boston bombing…my child was particularly saddened on the death of the 8 yr old boy. She wanted to know more about the attack.

2. I read my friend’s comment about the Delhi incident of five yr old girl. She said she was soo angry and upset more or so that she had two little girls of her own. She said she was scared to settle in India.

3. I was checking a face book status update by someone and my child saw the word feminist and she asked me what does the word ‘ feminist’ mean?

After some contemplation I thought it was time to tell my child three universal facts (at least according to my perception). So we went for a walk and I explained the following:

People hurt each other over religion and ideology. Most often the ideas come from their own religious beliefs.. But philosophy behind each religion is amazing. There is no religion better than other, each is a good path to find God. So it is better to find the goodness in each religion and try to find our own path to God.

People hurt each other and it is not a right thing to do, still this world is beautiful. Both India and Australia are nice places to live. Good and bad are like two sides of a coin…when so much goodness happens in this world, so much bad things happen too..Due to media propagating more bad things than good we often hear bad things and this frustrates us and makes us very sad.

Women and men are just only half circles by themselves and they need each other in many forms , be as a friend, be as husband/wife, be as an admirer ,be as a lover, or even be as someone to fight with…. But still, when women raise their voice and form their own opinion on something, demand their right, men don’t like it much, thus call her names and one is feminist..

After listening to my monologue carefully she said

“Amma..i am just not getting what u are saying… if all religions are good , then why we go to church.?… If both, India and Australia are good places to live, then why we are living here?..if there is no feminist, then why do men still call some women feminists

Well…what to say..



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