Rip off

Few weeks ago ,one morning, I found my colleague; usually a very cheerful lady looked so worried and upset. Then she shared what happened to her daughter of 20 yr old , when she went to buy a basic car worth of $10000. The dealer was successful enough to sell her a lot more unnecessary warranty and insurances worth of $ 5500, made the final loan amount to a $15500. It was purely because she appeared to be a less informed and inexperienced customer. This in fact took my memory to an incident around 10 yrs ago, when I bought my car. It was in the early days here in Australia and naturally I was overjoyed to see this INDIAN accountant at the dealer’s. How little did I realize that the money I would lose in next three yr period as he was clever enough to sell me at least three different set of unnecessary insurances and warranty, which all added up to a high interested loan.

Now the story goes to a fish curry . Last year during vacation we went to a good restaurant in Kerala and paid Rs 400 for a single awfully looking and tasting fish curry, and realized the next day that the actual cost was only Rs 80 ..

It seems, the petty ordinary rip off, like my fish curry and other small things are just part and parcel of life..So it is better to accept it . But the second, most likely around when we buy a car, a house, or in a business partnership is very hard to accept. Though I rolled my eyes when I heard a friend of ours went to do a “how to build a house” course before decided to approach a builder to build his own house, now I think I completely understand him ..

But Until I started working for elderly people I never realized this deeply that the biggest rip off can come from our own children. My poor lady of 72 was ripped off by her own son, who sold all her properties by promising her that he would look after her , only to change his mind in few years later and now she is living alone in a government supported accommodation. Considering that, this is not a single case, both here as well as in “Gods Own Country”. the first two rip offs sound more bearable.

Plato said Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge. Our desire for money, or desire for a good life even at the sake of another person’s life…where it ends …is it worthy enough to live ? ..



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