Love and me

While reading recently I came across a said” love is the sacrifice of will” and I didn’t understand. My friend tried his level best to explain, even by comparing will with ego. Still I didn’t understand. It seems somehow my brain is refusing to register the combination of three words i.e love+ sacrifice+ will…

Understanding and practicing love has always been difficult for me. Initially the concept was” you love me and I love you” as if it is a barter system…you give me something, then I give u something back, you give me 1 kg love and I give you 1 kg back: a fair deal then when I started feeling silly about this practice the search got expanded. Thus I came across the amazing words of Osho that ‘love: not a relationship but a state of being’, only to realize that Osho is Osho and this is just poor me . Then came up on to the brain boosting words. it said …pure love is un conditional acceptance with no expectations…only to prove to myself that this sentence is best to read, quote and advise, but not at all easy to practice .

A small face book group where I am an active member used to be a stage on heated debate on love. Every time the conclusion was expectation, i.e it is the expectation from each other that makes love difficult or painful and pure love is unconditional with no expectation. Also all agreed that unless you love yourself unconditionally u can’t love anyone else unconditionally. Well has it changed my practice? A fair statement would be that it has changed my thinking but a list of failed attempts is all that I can claim so far

Still a few questions remain….Why it is so difficult to practice love with no expectation? Why it is so difficult to love un conditionally? What would be the feeling of love beyond infatuation, lust, expectation and judgments? And can you just imagine a true intimacy with someone at the level of your soul where pure love is all u have…

Rumi is at his best when he says this..

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.”

And let my journey continues



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