Which relationship is the strongest ..

Once my friend asked , which relationship is the strongest.
Is it between husband and wife, parents and children, between friends, between siblings, between lovers or….. ? I can’t remember what conclusion
we reached though a heated discussion followed …but I would like to share the following incident that took my memory back on to this question.

A husband and wife came to see us.. After the initial few
mts we noticed that the lady was fiddling with her jacket pockets and it seemed that her full attention was on what was there in her pocket.. When the
person with me asked her to show what it was, a big smile beamed on her face.
She took the items out one by one. There were coins, safety pins, few vitamin tablets, buttons , buckles, pegs, dog food pellets and a few different little objects. The person pointed to the the coin, and asked her to name the coin. She stared at it for a long time and then shook her head and said “no “ then the person pointed to the button , again she said “no ” Then another wide smile beamed on her face when I said she could put all these items back into her pocket. This sweet lady is a 60 + yr old and has a diagnosis of dementia for the past few yrs . With her diagnosis , her husband lost acompanion forever . Her husband told us that she did not recognise him any more and had begun to think that he was her father…. They had spent 40 + years of togetherness and happiness, and now she had simply become his child, and that is all she could be.’

i don’t know which relationship is the strongest, it may not be comparable..so leaving it up to your judgment and decision..but I do know most often until we lose this person as a companion, we may never
completely realize how much this person was valuable in our lives, and how strong the relationship was .



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