My friend,me and a situation !

One of my friends made an unexpected decision of deactivating her facebook account and I should admit that I didn’t take that decision very well due to many reasons. It gave me a few difficult days and finally I came to the following conclusion.
One of the baselines that we use to judge others or form an opinion is our own quite natural perception of placing ourselves in that situation . In this case straight away I asked my self “would I have done this to her if I were in her situation” and of course the answer was as we all know “ no never” :):):)..and then I became more upset with this brooding thought of “still she did this to me”
.So it seems often, that, by arriving at a conclusion, that “ we would have never done such a thing” we are ready to form our own opinion and attitude towards something or someone. And it is applicable to almost everything, be it a simple thing of seeing someone behaving in certain manner or to a news involving situation of abuse, stealing, or murder.
You see , as I don’t have anything else to wonder at the moment, just wondering on the following four aspects :):)::):)
1.Doesn’t this genuine comparison ( not suspecting our comparison result here at all) actually block me to see the truth further..?…
2.Has this baseline (that I wouldn’t do it) already make my stand “exclusive” by giving me certain pre set pattern of thinking and attitude, therefore whatever way I may choose to react or respond ,has already become veryyyyyy veryyyy.. biased,?
3.Therefore I am forgetting a crucial fact here that it is not me with this unique, amazing (..!!.) personality facing it, rather it is “someone else” with entirely different uniqueness and background to have faced this unique situation thus has made his/her own unique decision..
4.Then how can I form an opinion and attitude based on “I might do or not do “ when facing a situation that ..well …didn’t go exactly the way I hoped..
Though this realization is not to make a right wrong or wrong right still realizing how difficult it is to see the “essence’ in any person or situation when we get hurt or become sad and upset……
(P.S : my friend said she would be back soon ..:):):)….)



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